Trivia Crack Adventure

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Description of Trivia Crack Adventure

Embark on this new trivia adventure!

• Explore Trivialand's addictingly fun levels

• Put your knowledge to the test with trivia challenges

• Find the Trivia Crack characters and a myriad of new adventurers eager to join your trivia team

• Complete Willy's mission to help him protect the Trivia Factory

• Spin the wheel to get rewards after every match, win or lose!

• Use special powers to boost your knowledge

Something odd is happening in Trivialand... A mysterious mist has covered it all, Al has gone missing. No new questions are being added to the game and there are no signs of the adventurers who traveled to far-off regions in search of fresh information. Willy doesn't know what to do.

The mist has not only taken his friends, it has also possessed the inhabitants of Trivialand, they are now guard their territory and don't let anyone through. Luckily they have a weakness: they can't turn down a good trivia challenge!

Defeat them using your knowledge and immerse yourself in the Trivia Crack world to find the lost adventurers. With them by your side, no trivia challenge can defeat you!

Add them to your team and use your powers to get out of tight spots if you find difficult questions. Combine your knowledge with their abilities, help them dissipate the myst and get new questions for the factory.

Willy will send support from the HQ: the Trivia Factory. His daily gifts and rewards after every match will help you along the way. Stay alert for his missions! Completing them is key to keep the factory running, your efforts will be properly rewarded!

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